Week of 11/9- “I stalk the Campus Dining Instagram to find when you guys have tables”

So last week was a pretty busy week! I’m sorry for the delay on the post, but as the semester comes to an end, the busier I get! So on Monday I worked with Katie to hand out slips for information about the two FitBits that we were giving away. We spent the whole time in the Husky handing out the information slips and talking to students. On Wednesday, we got to do probably one of my favorite tables to date. It was a table in Starbucks to promote their seasonal drinks and new items added to the menu. We had free refillable cups for the first 20 students who came to the table, a giveaway of 2 Starbucks gift baskets that we did through Instagram, and a ton of samples of the new and seasonal items! It was a lot of fun, especially since I love coffee and doing the tables where we give away free stuff to students! On Friday, I went around to all of the on-campus dining locations to put up the flyers and entry slip stations for the next giveaway we are working on. For this one, anyone who buys a Mtn. Dew or Mtn. Dew Kickstart (from the on-campus dining locations that sell them) will be entered to win a Kindle Fire HD! While I was setting all of this up and talking to the employees at the locations about it, I took down the Fitbit flyers that I had hanging up since that giveaway ended on Friday.

On a final note for this post, I have added a portfolio page to the blog with pictures and attachments of all of the things I have been working on (and talking about in this blog) all semester! Check it out!!


Week 11/2- “This girl put her name in 16 times…”

This past week at my internship has been pretty productive! On Monday, I went in and we did a table at Subway for national sandwich day. We had Subway cups with vouchers for free stuff at Subway. The way students could get a cup was to follow us on Instagram. We gained about 30 followers that day which was great! On Wednesday, there was a career/grad school fair that needed to be catered with boxed lunches. So I spent my day with Ashley and Katie making up these boxes of food for the fair. On Friday, I started by walking around to the dining locations on campus and hanging up flyers for the Fitbit giveaway we are currently working on. While I was doing this, I was also taking signs and entry boxes down for promotions and giveaways that recently ended, like the Pepsi promotional giveaway of tickets to a Dierks Bentley concert. After I finished doing all of that, I went back to the office and talked to Kasey about what we have planned for this coming week. I’ll save that information for the next post!

Week of 10/26: “I just want to post ‘you’re all so wrong’ on the contest picture.”

So this week was a lot of tabling at my internship. On Monday, I worked a table with Katie to try to get people to take an online campus dining survey. Obviously, the lack of motivation that comes with the approaching end of a semester coupled with people never wanting to be bothered made this task tedious. However, we did our best to raise awareness of the survey and handed out at least 200-300 slips with the survey information out to students as they came to the commons to eat. We will be working on this again next week, so we are trying to figure out incentives to get surveys completed on the spot.

On Tuesday, I went in briefly to take pictures to post on Instagram for Chocolate day. I also tried some of the things they had out. Who can say no to chocolate cheesecake bars? No one.

On Wednesday, we didn’t actually have a table, but Katie and I handed out information slips about the Halloween costume contest that Campus Dining hosted on Thursday. This was a lot easier to talk to people about than trying to get them to take a survey. We combined methods of exposure by personally handing slips to people as they walked in/out of the Husky and Commons as well as leaving slips on the tables of the main on-campus dining locations. Overall, it went pretty well. In the end, there were 15 contestants for the costume contest, which really isn’t too bad!

Today I went in and helped Ashley set up some decorations for the Halloween theme in the commons. I also made posts with the halloween themed desserts that they are having in there today. *Note: I don’t always mention in the posts, but I am almost always Instagramming or Tweeting something on the Campus Dining account when I am at the internship and even when I’m not. I love helping with their social media!!*

Week of 10/19- “Get pink aprons for you and Alex to wear at the table!”

So this week has been incredibly busy both with my internship and all of the other things that I have going on. For Monday, the Commons did Octoberfest which meant there was a bunch of German food and stuff. I got to work the birch beer stand with the Aramark intern, Katie. it was a lot of fun just to get to do that and talk to students.

Today we had a Think Pink event in the Commons that included giving away free shirts to anyone who followed us on Instagram, a cupcake decorating contest where people could post pictures of their decorated desserts on social media for the chance to win a set of Jambox speakers, and lots & lots of pink. I got to work the table with Katie again and we pretty much just told everyone about all of the giveaways we were doing through social media. In the span of about 3 hours, we gained 44 new Instagram followers and a few new twitter followers.

I will not be going in for my internship on Friday because I am going to New York (as a trip through the art department) to visit the Met and make a day trip out of it.

The past few days: “I’m about to be very real with you and sarcastic at times… those of you who know me will not be surprised.”

I honestly forgot to make my blog post last friday.. It was homecoming so I am making that a valid excuse. Anyway, all I did on friday was collect the boxes and slips for the Dre Beats from the dining halls and then count how many people there were who participated. There were 28… 28 people is honestly pathetic and I don’t know why the number was that low– the only reason I could think of is that students are just getting lazy, maybe from the changes in weather. After that I contacted the winner of the homecoming pizza giveaway we had over twitter. We asked students to send in a picture showing their husky pride, it turns out that my friend Jenna was selected so that was great!

On monday I just talked to Kasey about the Sabra truck that was coming to campus on tuesday and today for the Sabra Tour 2014. We just talked about what was going on with that and a few other things and then I was good to go for the day.

Yesterday I went during the break between my classes because there were two things going on. First, there was the Apple Fest in the Commons. They brought in locally grown apples from Dries Orchards and made a bunch of desserts and stuff with them. Then I went to the Sabra truck and talked to the people working at it, took pictures, and of course, blew up Twitter and Instagram with stuff about the truck (both on the campus dining account and my own). I also snap chatted the truck telling anyone I have on there that goes to Bloom to come to it for free samples of Sabra hummus and to play the game they had set up. On a side note, my friend and Bloomsburg alumni, Jenna Lemoncelli, came to PRSSA to talk to the group about her Us Weekly internship, resumes, cover letters, interviewing, emailing, and a bunch of other advice that she had to offer. I loved it and I hope my group got a lot out of it! Other than almost 3 pages of notes, she also inspired me to make my own personal blog that I will keep up with just for fun so that I can talk about what I want to talk about! I’ll post the link to that on here once I have it set up!

10/8/14- “Have either of you ever heard of a popcorn ball?”

For today, I went to my internship once I was out of my only class for the day. Kasey was not there today, so I got to work with her assistant, Ashley. It was a pretty easy day. A few of us brainstormed ideas for baskets that parents could buy for their students for certain occasions/months.We had a lot of ideas rolling with that and that lasted for about 45 minutes.

Then I went around to the on campus dining places to replace the Sierra Mist stickers on the soda fountains. While I was doing that I went to the stations I set up at each place for the speaker drawing. So far, things seem to be going good with that. Students have til Friday to enter to win a free pair of Dre Beats! Hopefully there are more entries than there were with the Jambox speakers.

Finally, we wanted to do another social media giveaway for homecoming weekend (which is this weekend). Using Instagram, I asked followers to Instagram a picture showing their husky pride to be entered to win a pizza prize pack (2 free pizzas, a pack of Pepsi, and cookies) as our way to celebrate homecoming. I haven’t checked the account lately, but hopefully there will be some good entries! It always tends to be a bit more difficult to get activity from students when they’re being asked to do something (even taking a picture that they’ll probably take anyway) compared to asking them to simply ‘like’ or ‘favorite’ something. We’ll see how this goes! I’m picking the winner on Friday.

10/6/14- “It’s so cold in here, I am cradeling my Starbucks when I’m not facing you guys.”

For my internship yesterday, I went in and talked to Kasey about what I would be working on this week. I’m taking another swing at the giveaway through entry slips and boxes in the various dining locations on campus. This time I am giving away another pair of Dre Beats. Hopefully this one will have better results. I am using Instagram and Twitter to promote this since we aren’t actually giving anything away through social media in this case. So I went around to the on campus dining places and set up the stations where people can sign up to enter to win.

After that I talked to Kasey about doing a social media giveaway through Instagram for homecoming (which is this coming weekend). She said we could do a pizza party gift package through the Italian Kitchen (IK). So I’m pretty excited about that; I will do the details and promotion for it tomorrow.

Finally, I met with the Kindle winner from last week’s giveaway. We had students tweet us pictures of how they study to enter to win. There were a lot of great entries, so while only one of them won the Kindle, everyone who entered got a coupon for a free drink at Starbucks. As a college student, I think that’s pretty damn good for not even winning, Bloomsburg kids run on Starbucks.

On a final note, I had a moment of clarity last night while I was doing work with my friend. I have been back and forth and all over the place with the area of public relations that I would like to be in. While I would like to work for a PR firm in general, I would love to do social media promotion and studies using social media for a company (preferably clothing, entertainment, or shooting for the stars with a big name like Pepsi). Anyway, I never really knew what to call what I wanted to do specifically, so I would always say something like, “promotions”, “social media”, “special events” and words like that to get my point across to people who had no idea what I was talking about. Well, yesterday I figured out that I would essentially like a career in integrated marketing communications (IMC). IMC is the mix of communications for a company both on and offline. Of course I could be wrong about this, but I will continue to research and learn about it!